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Story Behind the Art

Amber is an international-selling, self-taught fine artist based in Brighton, UK. Her recent works are mainly oil on stretched canvas, though she often explores other mediums and creative outlets. 

The ocean became the prominent subject of Amber's work towards the middle of 2019; a time where she  found herself living in a new city on the South coast of the UK. Being so close to the ocean has enabled her to study the movement of waves first hand and work from many of her own references taken at Brighton beach. More recently, Amber's works have featured a variety of boreal landscapes and mountain ranges. Amber aims for her work to connect with and provoke different emotions for each individual so that every piece resonates with the viewer in a unique way.

'Painting has become a form of meditation for me, in which I can spend hours getting lost in the depths of the sea, attempting to capture the tension before a wave breaks or the stillness and anticipation before a storm. The ability of the ocean to create calm and contentment is well known and I aim for my creations to harness this healing power; quietening the mind and creating a sense of safety.'- Amber

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